Date From To Time
May 20 Gloucester Newcastle AM
May 21 Newcastle Gloucester AM
May 24 Gloucester Teeside PM
May 25 Ibiza Southend PM
May 25 Inverness Gloucester AM
May 26 Dublin Gloucester PM
May 26 Toulon Gloucester AM
May 27 Gloucester Malaga AM
May 31 Gloucester Manchester AM
May 31 Newquay Gloucester PM
June 1 Gloucester Toulon AM
June 4 Rimini Gloucester PM
June 4 Gloucester Newquay AM
June 4 Manchester Gloucester AM
June 5 Palma Gloucester PM
June 9 Gloucester Bologna AM
June 13 Gloucester Palma AM
June 18 Gloucester Isle of Man AM
June 18 Leeds Gloucester AM
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