Regency Jet has been awarded the Part M Subpart G approval from the CAA to perform the continuing airworthiness management of the Cessna Model 550 Bravo aircraft, including the privilege to extend Airworthiness Review Certificates.

Regency Jet operates two Bravo aircraft commercially on its AOC (Part-OPS and Part-NCC)) , available for charter, whilst within the group a third Bravo is operated privately for its owner under Part-NCC regulation.

Continuing airworthiness is a key function within the organisation and within aviation as a whole. Our approval award is to the highest EASA regulation standards and best practices.

Notwithstanding external issues that affect our lives and businesses, aircraft still require maintenance and oversight whether they fly or not. Meeting the continuing regulatory requirements and maintaining competence doesn’t stop if an aircraft is on the ground.

As Regency Jet embark on a programme of expansion to add further aircraft types to its Part M capability list, do not hesitate to contact us should we be able to support your CAMO needs.