Return trip to Oxford for Stuart Peters

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Stuart Peters has returned to the airport that he says has been a big part of his life.

Stuart was appointed First Officer with the Little Jet Company at the end of 2021. He will now be based at London Oxford Airport.

Stuart did his flight training at the airport and it’s also where he worked as an Airport Operations Controller.

Stuart has been based at the Little Jet Company’s base at Brighton City Airport. He was previously flying the companies King Air 200 Turboprop aircraft and has now been promoted onto a Citation Bravo jet.

‘I’m pleased to be back in Oxford,’ he said. ‘London Oxford Airport is a good base for the Little Jet Company. It’s also a great airport for our customers to fly from. They can be escorted in their own vehicle straight up to the aircraft. Whilst we load the bags they can board and make themselves comfortable. We can be ready to start engines within 15 minutes of their arrival at the airport.’

Stuart, aged 36, wanted to be a pilot ever since he was at school. He saved for almost a decade, working in sales, so that he could do his commercial training.

‘My father and I shared a love of aviation,’ he said. ‘I lost him when I was at university, but I always had his voice at the back of my mind, and it kept me driven. He wanted this for me too, and so did my mum. For a while I didn’t think it was going to happen. I’m the first pilot in my family.’

Stuart has a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), which is the first licence for newly qualified commercial pilots. He has enjoyed his first job as a pilot, working for The Little Jet Company.

‘It’s been a busy year,’ he said. ‘I’ve done lots of flying, I’ve seen lots of Europe and been to many different airports.

‘I’ve enjoyed meeting our customers on the King Air. One of our customers goes on regular trips across Europe. He can have three meetings in one day, in two different countries and still be home for dinner at the end of the day.’

Stuart will be based at the Little Jet Company’s base at London Oxford Airport from February 2023 and is looking forward to a busy year.

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