Soaraway summer for The Little Jet Company

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It is one of the busiest summers ever for The Little Jet Company.

The company has seen a rise in demand for their private jet cards with people paying for flights in advance in multiples of 25 hours.

The cards are a cost-effective alternative to ad hoc chartering. Travellers are purchasing them to use for business and for leisure, and they have the flexibility to use them when they like.

‘We are seeing an extremely busy summer where people can’t wait to travel,’ said Director of The Little Jet Company Jason Bishop.

‘With The Little Jet Company they can enjoy the luxury and convenience of private jet travel.’

Whether it is a worldwide or European business flight, a special occasion with family or friends, or an international sporting event, The Little Jet Company offers a personal and comprehensive executive jet airline service.

The private jets are able to provide comfortable, safe, and secure flights for family holidays. Business people can save time by having airside access, allowing them to drive right up to the aircraft. The aircrafts are scheduled to tailor for their personal schedules, and they can hold meetings on board.

The Little Jet Company provides services including privately owned jets for charter, management of aircraft and ground handling services.

‘Our clients expect the best and that’s what we aim to deliver,’ said Jason who still regularly flies the jets as a captain.

‘Our fantastic team go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.’

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