A soaraway start to the year for Arran

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It has been a great start to the year for The Little Jet Company’s Ground Operations Manager Arran Watkins.

Business has been booming at the private jet company which is based at Gloucestershire Airport. And 26 years-old Arran was shortlisted for the ‘Excellence in Aviation- The Next Generation’ award which recognises the efforts of young achievers in the industry.

It is organised by the The British Business and General Aviation Association, the UK’s National Trade Body representing companies operating and trading in the General & Business Aviation Industry.

‘I was delighted to be recognised by the BBGA,’ said Arran. ‘I love my job. I like organising and I like planning the schedules, we go to so many different airports. Every day is different, every flight is different, every person is different. I like the constantly changing environment, it keeps you on your toes and keeps you busy.

‘We are a small team, and everyone works very well together. It’s a good company to work for.

‘Clients like dealing with us. It’s important to us that we keep them happy, and we provide a very personal service. The Little Jet Company goes above and beyond to look after its customers.’

Arran lives in Cheltenham and is a former student at Cirencester College.

Barry Preece, Director of The Little Jet Company, said: Arran has been with us for five of the seven and a half years we have been in operation. His enthusiasm for aviation was apparent from the outset. He is a tenacious young man and a joy to have onboard.’

The Little Jet Company has had a busy start to 2022 with several enquiries every day. People have been flying for business and have also enjoyed skiing trips for leisure. The company has flown all over Europe including Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, and Sicily. They have also taken bookings for the summer.

‘Our pilots are busy,’ said Arran. ‘I think people are feeling more confident now about leisure travel. We’ve been busy since the start of the year.’

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