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Bernadette Bishop is the Financial Controller at The Little Jet Company. She is also married to Jason Bishop, one of the Directors.

‘At The Little Jet Company everyone is important. You’re not just a number. The team are like a family to me, and I care about them.

I’m responsible for ensuring the smooth and consistent running of the financial side of the company. That includes invoicing, ensuring bills are paid, and dealing with payroll and pensions. I deal with the smooth running of the office on a day-to-day basis.

I’ve also done everything from unloading luggage, to meeting passengers in the lounge. That’s what I love about The Little Jet Company- everyone has their role, but they’re willing to help out when they’re needed.

I like to carry out all tasks to the best of my ability and there is so much to learn in this industry.

We have a good team and that’s really important. They have a wealth of experience within the industry and are all excellent. We try to find the right person for the right job.

I believe in a good work ethic. It’s important you are consciousness, willing to learn and reliable.

When the company was set up in 2014, it was just myself, Jason and Barry, who is the other director. The two directors had a good reputation within the industry, and I’ve watched with pride and excitement as the company has grown.

I’m very proud of my husband Jason. He is the accountable manager and captain of the aircraft. He never stops working, he believes in his staff and he gets the job done. I first met him when I was 17 when we worked for the same company, and I’ve always respected him.

Aviation is glamorous and I always feel excited when I see one of the aircraft taking off.  Sometimes if Jason is the pilot, I make a little video of him, it’s nice to show the children. He has early starts and late finishes and works weekends. It’s lovely to have him at home.

My life is busy. I work four days a week. I’m a mother of four and I feel like I have a family at home and a family here. I grew up in Gloucestershire and we now live about 15 minutes away from the airport.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel on a jet, to Cornwall, Palma and Barcelona, and I think it’s an incredible way to travel.

I want The Little Jet Company to continue to grow. I think we deserve to do well; everyone works so hard.’

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