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As the Continuing Airworthiness Manager and the Compliance Monitoring Manager Steve Loveridge is proud to be an important part of the team at The Little Jet Group.

Steve Loveridge

Steve Loveridge

‘I enjoy what I do, and I enjoy working with the professional staff at The Little Jet Group.

The role of Continuing Airworthiness Manager is vital for the ability of the organisation to perform its business. I ensure that the aeroplanes are maintained to the safe standards that are required by the regulations. I have to ensure we have approved maintenance programmes in place and that we have relevant contracts in place with maintenance organisations.

I must be able to liaise between our contractors, sub-contractors, service providers and the accountable manager to deliver a safe and compliant operation. I’m very happy to be in this position because I can see the benefits. Safety to me is paramount.

I am also auditing and testing to ensure that we remain compliant and to deliver continuous improvement in everything we do.

I have known the Little Jet Company since 2014 and worked very closely with the principals. I had a lot of respect for what they were building and the potential that was evident. It was a simple decision to join them when I was invited. I was appointed and accepted by the UK CAA as Continuing Airworthiness Manager in 2019 followed by the appointment and acceptance into the compliance monitoring role in November 2020.

I am passionate about business aviation. I have been involved in it for decades, since leaving school, and I have business aviation running through my blood. There’s a great network of people involved from building to delivering to operating the aeroplanes.  I believe the majority of people in this industry are driven and have a passion for it.

I have a broad breadth of knowledge across the entire industry which I believe is being put to good use.

The team at the Little Jet Group have built a solid operation which I applaud, and I am very happy to add my guidance when asked.

I have known the directors for a number of years. Their intentions were right from the beginning and their willingness to do things properly shone out.

They take so much pride in the service element. You can see that in the way the aircraft are presented from the moment the client is welcomed on board.

The Little Jet Group is ideally placed with Gloucestershire as its main base as well as servicing the Cotswolds. I see the business growing over time because of the attitude they have to their customers, to their business, to their staff and the relationship with the aircraft owners. It’s going to go from strength to strength. I genuinely dont see anything other than that.

I am bringing my knowledge and experience to the table and I’m very happy to be part of this team.  After Brexit and COVID, the lessons learned have made us stronger for the future.

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