Thank You Daisy

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It’s been great to welcome Daisy Bing who has been an intern with us over the summer.

Daisy, who is 22, is qualified as a private pilot and carried out her training at Gloucestershire Airport.

She is currently at Reading University but one day hopes to become a pilot with The Little Jet Company.

Daisy started learning to fly when her parents bought her flying lessons for her 16th birthday. She flew solo when she was still 16, and before she could start learning to drive a car on UK roads.

‘My grandfather was in the air force; he was a search and rescue helicopter pilot, and both my parents are cabin crew. Aviation is in my family,’ she said. ‘I’ve put all my money into savings for flying lessons, but it is definitely worth it. I have a real passion for flying. I can’t imagine doing anything else.’

In August 2020 Daisy gained a private pilot licence. She is keen to fly private jets.

‘You get to fly into cool places that you would never get to fly into in an airline and I like the fact you can work closely with the passengers,’ she said.

‘I used to look at the jets taking off and think: “wow that’s amazing.”

‘I like the freedom of flying. There is always something you can learn, always more than you can do.’

Daisy, who lives in Stonehouse, was at The Little Jet Company from June until September. She supported the office team and worked mainly in operations.

Daisy completes her three-year degree course in war studies in 2022 and then plans to go to flight school.

‘It’s been a great summer with The Little Jet Company,’ she said ‘I’m really grateful to have had this experience. I’ve learnt so much. I love the fact that there is such a close-knit team at The Little Jet Company. Everyone works hard and puts everything into the company. It feels like a family.  I’d really like to work here in the future.’

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